2010 review

Life: I suspect that I’ll look back on 2010 as the “calm before the storm”. At this time next year, I’ll be the father of a nine month old. Holy shit.

Other than that (everything else seems so insignificant by comparison), we spent most of the year trying to figure out what to do with our upstairs bathroom. We met with a design/build company at the start of the year and were scared off by their estimate. We then spent a bunch of time interviewing and half-heartedly working with several other contractors who had varying commitment levels before finally coming back to that first design/build company. And I’m glad we chose them. The designer has been very patient with us and I’m incredibly happy with our plans. Our new bathtub will be large enough to fit me!

Fitness & Health: I started the year strong, running at least two miles almost every day. I completed the Kirkland Half Marathon in May in under 2 hours and 30 minutes, which has long been a goal of mine. I kept running for most of the summer until around September, when I completely lost my momentum after suffering a nasty case of sciatica followed by bunion pain followed by a gnarly cold followed by more bunion pain. I was inspired when my mother completed the Trek Women’s Triathlon in September, but I haven’t gotten off my ass yet. I’ve probably gained 10-15 pounds and am afraid to weigh myself, so there is work to be done. I’ve read that it is not uncommon for men to put on a few pounds when the wife is pregnant, but that seems like a lame excuse.

Work: There is nothing to report this year–at least, nothing that I can publicly crow about (or complain about). I wanted to become more effective at persuasion last year and I don’t think I succeeded.

Travel: I went to Kennewick, WA five times this year–four times for work, and once during our annual spring wine tasting adventure that also took us to Walla Walla and Yakima. We went to Canada for Labor Day (or is it Labour Day?) and spent the weekend in the penthouse suite at the Listel Vancouver. And we spent a couple of weeks on the East Coast, visiting friends in Washington D.C. and New York.

Charity: all YMCA, all the time. Every time I think about moving on, they do something to inspire me to stay (and increase my involvement). It really is a great organization and I hope that I can serve it well next year as board chairman.

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