2009 review

Life:  This year was all about moving. We sold Emily’s condo and moved to West Seattle in April. Then, we bought a house (after two years of searching) in October and moved again. I am officially done with moving, but it was worth it to end up in this house.  Two months after moving in, I still have a "holy crap, we own THIS" moment two or three times per week.

On a sadder note, my last remaining grandparent passed away in May. I wrote a post that day that I decided not to make public, but there is one thing I wrote then that is worth mentioning after all of the crap he gave me about being single:  "I’m so happy that he was able to attend my wedding. I don’t know if I’m lucky to have had him there or if he is lucky to have finally seen his grandson get married. Both, I suppose."

Fitness & Health:  I’ve decided to break this out into its own category, since it has become a rather important part of my life. I unfortunately didn’t run any races this year. I somehow ended up with a stress fracture in my foot back in February, which sidelined me for six weeks or so. And then our trip to Japan occurred right in the middle of Seattle marathon training.

I did a much better job of sticking to a regular exercise cycle this year, though. Every year, I’ve managed to improve on the previous year by finding ways to stay active. I’ve let myself go a bit during the last couple of weeks of the year, but that’s a huge improvement over last year when I let myself go for that last couple of months.

Weight-wise, I’m at about the same weight I was at last year. I’ve been as light as 229 and I’ve gotten up to almost 250. I seem to plateau at 240–if I’m lighter than that, it is really easy to get back to 240, and if I’m heavier than that, it is really easy to lose the extra pounds. Losing any weight beyond 240 is a struggle. Not sure why, but merely discovering this is likely to be helpful.

Work:  Really, nothing to report this year. I felt like I was in a rut for most of the year, but I think I might finally be breaking out of it. There was a single project that consumed most of my time and energy last year that was ultimately successful. I learned that I have a hard time taking credit for stuff, though. It is very easy to take the blame when some senior vice president is yelling at you about something YOU DID (or failed to do), but it is less easy to take the credit when everything works. I need to get better at both taking credit and not taking it personally when someone points out a failure.

Travel: We went to Vancouver in February to celebrate the two-year anniversary of our first date (and the one-year anniversary of our engagement).  We went to New York and Washington D.C. in February/March for a friend’s wedding and got to see U2 shoveling snow on David Letterman. We went on our spring Yakima wine tasting trip in April. We took a first wedding anniversary road trip in July, and drove from Seattle to Post Falls, ID to spend time with Emily’s grandparents. From there, we went to Missoula, MT, Kalispell, MT and Glacier National Park, Banff AB and Lake Louise, Kelowna BC, Vancouver BC and back to Seattle. It was a lot of fun and a very beautiful drive–particularly through the Canadian Rockies. And finally, we went to Japan in October. I spent one week in Sapporo for work, and then met Emily for a second week in Tokyo

Charity: All YMCA, all the time. I feel a little badly about this. My original plan was to get deeply involved with a single organization (instead of being kinda involved with a bunch of organizations) but I think my priorities are shifting.

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