Two years later…

Last year, I took a few minutes to stop and reflect on 2006 and set the tone for 2007.  And now, as I sit here and re-read that post from one year ago, I’m shocked at how different my life is now–even though I was pretty optimistic back then.  Let’s do it again.  Where shall we begin?

Life:  Yeah.  Last year, inspired by my elbow recovery, I decided to pull my head out and get serious about dating and probably get hurt a few times.  Well, that didn’t happen.  Instead, I found Emily, who is the person I’ve been waiting for all this time.  Last year, I could not have imagined that I would–with amazingly little anxiety–move in with someone and start talking about buying rings and such.  Now that I’ve done so, I can’t even remember my pathetic old life, and best of all, I don’t spend a lot of time looking backwards. 

Work:  No major career changes this year to reflect on, but I stand by what I wrote last year:  “To chronicle the stuff I’ve learned this year would take more than one blog post-sized explanation.”  I have an awesome team and I work with some scary smart people.  One of my resolutions this year is to try and blog about all of the stuff I’ve learned in the past couple of years and see what comes out.

Travel:  I spent over two months in hotel rooms this year!  The travel rundown goes a little something like this:

  • March/April:  I spent two weeks in Hyderabad India.  I still can’t believe I’ve been to freakin’ INDIA.
  • May:  Emily and I went to Vancouver, B.C. for Memorial Day weekend.
  • June:  Emily and I went to Sooke Harbor, B.C. for a wedding, and stopped in Victoria on the way home.
  • August:  I went to Germany for work.  Emily met me there and we went to Salzburg, Dresden, Prague and Paris together!
  • September:  Emily and I went to Oregon for Labor Day weekend.  We went through central Washington, saw an awesome storm in central Oregon, spent a night in Bend, drove through Klamath Falls, and spend the rest of the weekend in Ashland for a wedding.  Then, later in the month, Emily and I went to Las Vegas for my sister’s 30th birthday.
  • October:  Emily and I went to Portland so she could run the Portland Marathon!
  • October:  on very short notice, I returned to Hyderabad India.  I still can’t believe I’ve been to freakin’ INDIA.  TWICE.  IN ONE YEAR!

Charity:  I donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training twice, once for Emily and once for someone at the YMCA.  I donated to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation on behalf of my parents.  And of course, I started learning the ropes at Metrocenter and I am once again preparing for a early 2008 fundraising campaign.  I wish I had more time to give to the YMCA–it is the most fulfilling thing I do, and another resolution this year is to get even more involved.

Lots of progress in 2006, and a quantum leap in 2007.  If the “up and to the right” trend continues in 2008, the next one of these end-of-year summaries should be pretty awesome.\

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